Youth Center CK13: Press release on the occasion of writing hate graffitiYouth Center CK13: Press release on the occasion of writing hate graffiti


The Youth center CK13 and strongly condemn the writing of hate slogans on the walls of the center and calls on the state authorities to react urgently.

On the night between March 17 and 18, 2011, graffiti was written on the facade of the Youth Center CK13, Vojvode Bojovića 13, Novi Sad, "If you are gay, you are welcome to AFANS", "Stop B92". Stop lying ”... Youth Center CK13 for four years has a daily program aimed at respecting diversity, anti-discrimination, anti-fascism, anti-homophobia, and support for minority groups in this society. With the program and attitudes, we are focused on education, but also motivating citizens to take action against all forms of violence, including hate speech, which is the initial form of severe forms of violence. In accordance with that, the closest associates were and remain individuals and groups that advocate anti-fascism, the so-called minority groups, and civil society groups for freedom of expression, such as the Novi Sad Lesbian Organization - UFO, the Anti-Fascist Action of Novi Sad - AFANS, etc. Tonight's act of writing graffiti that sends messages of hatred, as we know, is just one in a series of similar events in the cities of Vojvodina and often such events go unnoticed, especially because they can be legally treated only as "destruction of property". Such events are a confirmation and reminder that the application of the existing anti-discrimination law is necessary, as well as the adoption of laws related to hate crimes, and that the state of Serbia and the Province of Vojvodina must take a position to show that it really opposes discrimination and violence. We call on citizens and civil society organizations to react to such statements. We call on the state authorities and the Ministry of the Interior to do everything in their power. We are especially addressing the administration of the city of Novi Sad, which has not recognized the work for four years, for now, the only youth center in Novi Sad, which during its existence did not receive financial or any other type of support from the city of Novi Sad. We will also refer to the statement of Mayor Igor Pavlicic, which can be read on the official website of the City of Novi Sad, "the city government wants Novi Sad to be a place where people will feel safe and well." The staff of the Youth Center CK13