Indefatigable Residencies: Chris Cutler, 11-16. March, and CK13

Indefatigable Residencies is an intervention in the context of the international project "Aesthetic Education Expanded" as a format of an artistic residence. The intention is to create a space for collaborative artistic process, cultural and theoretical production, facilitate the exchange of active knowledge, followed by the creation of new productions.

Indefatigable Residencies also include meetings, exchange and cooperation beyond the boundaries of time spent in Novi Sad, including consideration of contemporary art and theory production and the question of temporal organization. In this sense, this activity includes dynamic cooperation between and invited artists and theorists: Chris Cutler, Howard Slater, Marina Vishmidt & Anthony Iles.

For this occasion, during the period from 11 to 16 March, Chris Cutler will meet with protagonists of the independent music scene in Novi Sad, musicians and scientists, university professors and assistants, students, music lovers and activists: Nenad Marković, Milan Milojković, Lenkes László, Marina Džukljev, Vladimir Rašković, Dunja Crnjanski, Nemanja Sovtić, Đorđe Marković, Milan Nenin, Filip Đurović, Vladimir Orešković, Ozren Lazić, Dimitrije Beljanski, Blank Disc and collectives

Friday, 11 March at 20h, CK13.
Public talk and work presentation, Chris Cutler

Monday, March 14 at 21h, CK13.
Public performance of workshop participants

Wednesday, March 16 at 21h, CK13.
Public performance: Treatise (1963-67), Cornelius Cardew (1936-1981)

free admission


Chris Cutler is a percussionist, composer, songwriter and theorist in the field of music. Among the many engagements best known are those with experimental group Henry Cow, as well as the Art Bears, News From Babel, Cassiber, The (ec) Nudes, P53, The Science Group, Pere Ubu... Pursuing music over four decades Cutler can be heard on more than a hundred music releases. Among the many collaborations may highlight those with John Rose, Fred Frith, Zeena Parkins, Iancu Dumitrescu, Peter Blegvad and Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer, etc.

Cutler also founded and runs the independent label and distribution service ReR/Recommended Records. In the field of music theory he deals with the avant-garde, popular music, technology, improvisation, the problem of using other people's music when composing. In addition to writing essays and articles, Cutler and invited as a lecturer (in Moscow, London, Berlin, Montréal, Belgrade and other cities).

He is editor of the New Music magazine Unfiled and author of the book File Under Popular (1983), a collection of theoretical and critical writings on music. Together with members of Henry Cow initiated movement Rock in Opposition through which articulates the requirements for resistance against the music industry for sake of promoting the work of marginalized musical collectives whose music did not enter the radar of commercial music companies because it was based on experimentation and improvisation. Since 2012 realizes a series of lecturesProbes within which to explore the history of music from the perspective of the development of music production to web radio program MACBA Museum of Barcelona.
RWM - Radio Web MACBA:

Treatise is a composition by British author Cornelius Cardew, created between 1963 and 1967. The work was written in "graphic" scores, composed of abstract geometric shapes, point and line, with unconventional infrequent use of common notational symbols. A few years after the completion of work on the realization of Cardew accepted Maoist ideas that, in his interpretation, were not in line with the neo-avant-garde tendencies of the sixties, and most complete (self-) criticism of this work was published in his collection of articles titled "Stockhausen serves imperialism" (Latimer New Dimensions, Berlin, 1974).

Cornelius Cardew (1936-1981) was a British composer and one of the founders of the famous Scratch Orchestra (Scratch Orchestra), a specialized ensemble for the performance of the neo-avant-garde composition and improvisation in the tradition of Western European art music practice. During the seventies, Cardew was almost completely revised its poetic and aesthetic point of view, radically politicizing art form in accordance with his idea of ​People's Liberation Music. In 1966, Cardew joined the already affirmed group AMM, dedicated to improvised music, and two years later, together with Howard Skempton and Michael Parsons, founded ensemble the Scratch Orchestra. After 1972 Cardew was dedicated to his political career, first as a member of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of England and later as one of the founders and a member of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party of England. His works in this period were close to the ideas of socialist realism and almost exclusively have been linked to a specific social event (strikes, riots, labor activism), with a strong emphasis on verbal or literary messages with the reduction of musical means of expression.

Cornelius Cardew was killed on 13 December 1981 in the assassination. The attacker was never found, and there are suspicions that the murder is connected with the state, namely the security service MI5, which was similarly treated and in the case of other communist activists.

The project Aesthetic Education Expanded establish long-term cooperation between the five organizations: Multimedia Institute (HR), (RS), Berliner Gazette (DE), Kontrapunkt (MK) and
Kulturtreger / Booksa (HR), (in the earlier stage also Mute magazine, UK) respectively active collaboration in the wider cultural field in which artistic experimentation meets with political culture and communication technologies. The specificity of the project rests on the diversity of social contexts and different fields of action co-organizers of the project from the trans-European network publishing, through emancipatory (self-) educational projects. It is supported by European Commission's program Creative Europe.

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